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Fabric softener

Concentrated scented fabric softener. Each dose contains the amount of product necessary for one wash. It makes linen soft and pleasantly scented.

Laundry detergent

Pre-dosed concentrated laundry detergent, ideal for washing fabrics by hand or with washing machine. Washes whites and colored, removes dirt and stains even at low temperatures.

Dishwashing liquid

Degreasing detergent formulated to wash all kinds of dishes. Cleans, degreases and polishes the dishes respecting the natural pH of hands. Pleasantly scented with a lovely lemon fragrance.


Surfaces degreaser. The product allows you to remove greasy dirt from work tables, stoves, equipment, etc ..

Floor detergent

Specific detergent for washing floors and tiles. Formulated with high quality raw materials, removes grease, cleans surfaces and does not require rinsing.

Multi surface cleaner

Multi surface cleaner, degreases and shines all modern surfaces. Dries quickly, without leaving marks or streaks. Leaves a fresh scent of clean in the environment.

Bathroom detergent

Formulated for regular cleaning of all washable bathroom surfaces (wc, shower, basins, taps, etc ..) Removes dirt, old soap traces and prevents the formation of limescale.

Glass cleaner

Glass detergent specifically designed to clean windows, mirrors and crystals. Its innovative formula makes brilliant surfaces without leaving streaks.

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