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We formulate, produce and distribute detergent for professional, industrial and household sector and we do it in a responsible way: our commitment is to ensure targeted solutions with a good price-quality ratio in full respect of the territory and the environment.
We believe in innovation and we constantly invest in research and resources in order to offer our customers high performing products and detergents which optimize the use of water, energy and labor.
From research to production, from marketing to commercial, from the warehouse to the front desk, each segment of our company carries out with professionalism and commitment an important role in our growth process.


Like any successful company, our strength in ChimiClean is the team. Ours is a young team, compact, dynamic and formed by talented people.
We work together to meet the challenges of a constantly evolving market, we aim for excellence and innovation to distinguish ourselves from competitors, we produce incredibly effective formulas, we guarantee a fast and efficient service, we study new packaging and dress them with creativity, always aiming for a fresh communication, dynamic, effective and immediate.


The ChimiClean Laboratory and the Research & Technological Development (RTD) department work together in order to formulate innovative, surprising and inimitable products that meet every requirements and guidelines as far as safety, biodegradability and sustainability are concerned.
Today we have a wide range of detergents, sanitizers and concentrated fragrance designed for all industrial and professional sectors: catering, food industry, clinics, HoReCa, cleaning companies, workshops, laundries, car washes, etc. .
In order to give a concrete response to our customers who need to use detergents that meet the Green Public Procurement (CAM), we have studied and developed a new green certified line, safe and environmentally friendly.


We are promoters of a sustainable development, we operate in a production site whose energy supply is guaranteed by a modern 100 kW photovoltaic system. We give special attention to the territory and the environment. The production of concentrates and semi-finished products allows us to greatly reduce the consumption of paper, plastic, water and energy.
A large complex of over 1500 square meters, houses the factory’s production area. Here we develop the products previously studied in the laboratory. In the same area we host also the storage of raw materials and the packaging department.
The company has today a daily production capacity of over 50,000 liters of detergents.


ChimiClean is a brainchild of Giuseppe Arnone who grew up cultivating the interest for a wonderful discipline like chemistry. When it came time to choose his field of study he had no doubts about it and, once completed in '85, he decided to invest time and resources into his ambitious project.
The first workshop, the first mixer, the first filling machine together with a labeling machine and a great desire to do things, lead to the birth of the first dishwashing detergent. From there, gradually, a wide range of products are created, these have enabled ChimiClean to become today an important reality in the world of professional cleaning.
One of the features that distinguishes many of our detergents from others on the market is the research of a specific fragrance. Giuseppe Arnone, in fact, decided to transfer the "know how" of the alcoholic perfumery, his great passion, to the world of professional cleaning thus leading to the birth of the two flagship products SKIZZO and DEO DUE.


Customers count on us for their growth and success in the ruthlessly and constantly competitive detergent industry.
That's why we constantly consult our end users: to create, innovative products, exclusive and of excellent quality, able to respond to the various problems that day after day are brought to our attention.



We provide telephone and e-mail support for end users who need information about products and innovations.
We give sales support for our distributors through documentation about cleaning systems.
We also provide Technical and Safety Data Sheets for a correct and responsible use of our professional products.


We believe in training and we regularly organize formation courses to ensure our customer the necessary knowledge about surface cleaning techniques, hygiene in the kitchen, in the food industry and hospitals, laundry and dishwashers dosing systems, concentrates.


Through our Communication & Marketing Department we keep our distributors and end users up to date with our latest productions and innovations. Every advertising campaign is effective, clear, explanatory and easy to understand. A strong and successful communication system intended to support the great amount of work done by our dealers who can likewise avail of our supporting material like catalogs, leaflets, brochures, gadgets, etc ..


ChimiClean offers its customers the possibility to create custom-made products. Our Research & Development department, studies formulas that meet the specific requirements set out by the client: type of detergent, concentration, fragrance, color.
The Marketing section, guides the customer to choose the most suitable packaging including bottles, drums and tanks. At a later stage we study the personalization of the graphic line of labels: layout, images, text and content of the law.
In the final step the Technical and Safety Data Sheets of the product are handed over to the customer in order to ensure proper and responsible use of the products. Everything takes place in the strictest confidence and in the customer data housing.


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