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Floor Detergent

Intermediate compound for scented floor detergents


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Semi-finished compound used for the production of scented floor detergent. The final product is obtained after proper processing with a preset quantity of water. Once finished, the product is suitable for cleaning all kinds of floors.

Open the drum, mix well the "intermediate compound" in order to make it homogeneous following the given instructions:
1 Collect and transfer the whole amount of concentrate contained in the 25kg drum into a mixer;
2 Add to the concentrate the exact amount of water needed (75 kg of water);
3 Undergo a very slow and constant stirring until a homogeneous and perfectly clear mixture is obtained. Duration of mixing about 10-15 minutes;
4 If the product should embody air after stirring, wait for the time necessary for it to be stabilized.

Dilute the product in ratio 1: 4

Available Fragrances
Lotus Flower, Lavender

Technical Information

Download the pdf Technical Data Sheet (Lotus Flower)
Download the pdf Technical Data Sheet (Lavender)
Download the pdf Technical Data Sheet (Green Musk)

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