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Usasfuso casaThe USASFUSO project arises from the ever more increasing and pressing request of organizations and structures that can provide high quality draft detergents at low costs. Our project, based on thirty years of experience in industrial detergency, aims to commercialize bulk detergents of high and unquestionable quality through a network that allows maximum management autonomy to affiliates without obligation to franchise membership. For more information about our lines or on shops visit the website www.usasfuso.it



Respect for the environment

Through the brand USASFUSO the product is distributed in various outlets where the enterprising shopkeeper gives availability of its premises for marketing the draft detergent. An excellent result for the environment and an initiative that counteracts the construction of new incinerators and nuclear power plants. Moreover ChimiClean, thanks to its modern photovoltaic system recently built, uses clean power sources and has a policy of sustaining renewable energy.

Save money

With the USASFUSO system, for each year of production we have sold 622,740 liters of bulk detergents, thus saving 252,000 plastic bottles. This means that in one year there was a saving of 143 729 kg of plastic and 7,823 kg of cardboard, for the production of which 110 of tall trees would have been killed. With this lack of packaging production 59 million liters of water have been spared, moreover 612 MWh of electricity and 38 tons of carbon dioxide have not been released into the environment.
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